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Passionate about making a difference, Signature Hair Bows presents, crochet beanie caps for girls.  You too, can make a difference by supporting our vision for Signature Caps. For every girl deserves to feel fabulous!

If you know someone who has experienced hair loss or just can't get enough of our darling diva crochet hats for girls, purchase 3 caps for $50 and you'll automatically receive free shipping!

Signature caps on kids

If you'd like to share your child's story and would like the opportunity to name a cap after your daughter,  please send us your child's story telling why she loves our caps and a photo of her wearing her favorite Signature Cap.  We want to make a difference one smile at a time!  Every story is important to us for we know there are alopoecia patients, burn victims, and cancer patients who need to feel fabulous too.  We'll post these stories for others in need of support on our blog, Signature Hair Bows Stories Blog.